Servicios de exportación

Since every company is different from another and has its own objectives, GBC Global Business Consulting offers a range of products suited to each one. With this model, we will clearly identify the situation of your business so we can start the internationalization of your company with the right product in order to maximize the chances of success.

STEP I – Market Localization

Starting to export is complicated, that is why the first thing to do is always to wonder which way to follow. Thereby, at GBC Global Business Consulting, our first step consists in analyzing the global market in order to get a general idea of which are the potential target countries for the export of your products.

STEP II – Market Research

After choosing the ideal target destination, it is primordial to correctly analyze the market with the aim to develop an adequate strategy for action. The objective of a market research is to provide specific information about the market size, distribution, competition, pricing, etc.

STEP III – Prospecting Trip

Once the objectives and strategies are clearly defined, GBC Global Business Consulting designs a commercial agenda in order to visit potential customers and distributors in the previously selected target country. These visits will be escorted by an experienced project manager who will act as a personal adviser of the company during the whole trip.

STEP IV – Comercial Establishment

Nowadays, more and more companies decide to relocate their production areas in order to reduce costs. At GBC Global Business Consulting, we help your company analyze which countries offer the best options for your product. We can also investigate the market and look for local partners if necessary.


The Halal Certificate is a document required by some Islamic countries on imports of certain products and must be issued by the Muslim authority in the exporting country. This certification demonstrates that the products are suitable for Muslims consumption. GBC Consulting Global Business Consulting is only consultacy firm able to help you on the process.