About GBC

There are no miraculous or magical methods to solve problems. There are professional methods based on a detailed analysis of the problems which allow coming up with coherent and properly sustained solutions, according to the best interest for your company or business.

At GBC Global Business Consulting, we think about people, about their quality of life and the profitability they deserve when they struggle for their professional project, their business or their assets and investments.

Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals thanks to our support. Our activity consists in analyzing, diagnosing and planning the different steps of your business. We lead the entrepreneur and the investor of the future, contributing to the development of a new export culture.


The mission of GBC Global Business Consulting is to lead our customers on the way of internationalization, by using technically feasible solutions and innovative work systems.

Thanks to our business vision and experience, we want to develop a new export culture across all business areas so you can convert your project in a quality benchmark.

The values ??that indicate the way forward and allow us to make sense of what we do, take appropriate decisions, take responsibility for our actions and accept their consequences are:

  • Socially responsible behavior and responsibility to take commitment
  • Value and effort to meet the challenges and push this forward
  • Patience and long-term approach
  • Solvency and financial intelligence are the key of a good management in difficult times
  • Customer focus and mutual respect in order to grow together and maintain a constant communication
  • Loyalty towards people to maintain unity and motivation
  • Justice and concern for the environment to be equitable.
  • Clear, direct and simple communication
  • Honesty, humility and simplicity to assume success.
  • Maturity and restraint to keep the proper perspective

Nuestro equipo

GBG Global Business Consulting is one of the best consulting firms to work. It offers an opportunity to grow, both as a person and as a qualified professional thanks to a hard working spirit and the common will to create positive results. We think and work for people, in an environment where their goals are also our goals and where any objective is reachable thanks to the efforts of the team.

Our back office team is entirely composed by experts in international trade specialized in several complementary areas:

  • Market research
  • Economy and finance
  • International marketing and promotion
  • Collaboration with funding agencies
  • Legal assessors


Clientes de GBC